Bergeron Insurance Agcy LLC

A Massachusetts Independent Insurance Agency since 1927


Vehicles - Homeowner - Renter - Condo - Mobile Home

 Method          Description          Benefits
Electronic Funds Tranfer
( EFT )
        With a small downpayment, your remaining payments are withdrawn automatically from
your checking or savings account.
Up to 12 payments.  Call for info!!
        No stamps, mailing, risk of late payment, finance charges or service fees. A sufficient ins. payment bank balance is needed.
 Credit Card          Online payments only          repay at your pace
Direct bill payment plan
        With a small downpayment, you receive the bill directly and make your payments
by mail or online.
        You can have a 10 payment plan or pay it up early. It’s your decision
Pay in full


        Pay the entire premium  on a new policy 
or its renewal with one payment


        No monthly bills, finance charges, service fees and you get a discount.  

 Financing          Financing for cancelled policies          per  Company contract 

All financing & credit is provided by the individual finance and insurance companies & is subject to their
 guidelines, application & driver(s) review & performance. Some companies do not accept third party financing, credit cards or EFT.