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     A Homeowner's Policy (HO) can cover losses to your home and its contents, loss of its use or property and includes an amount of liability insurance. 
     The premium charge for HO insurance depends on the estimated cost of replacing the house structure, other separate structures, furniture and possessions, additional coverage endorsements or policies for your valuables( jewelry, guns, collection or other valuable items) up to your selected limit. The HO policy does not cover earthquake or flood. These require a separate policy or endorsement with an additional premium. The liability limit selected along with an insurance umbrella will result in a total premium charge. A homeowners policy is written on a individual  basis.
     It is important that you prepare a room to room home inventory
  of your furniture, clothing, jewelry and other possessions by asembling copies of your purchase receipts and taking photos and/or videos of all rooms.  Keep a copy of your information and store a copy in 2 other locations. 

Homeowner discounts available
New home discount

Loss free discount   

laim free discount

Alarm system discount  (fire - smoke - burglar)

Newer home discount

Companion/bundle of auto and home discount

Component upgrade discount

Discounts and credits vary from Company to Company due to individual.

Flexible payment plans up 12 payments   

Please call us for details on the following    ( 508-997-7849)

Rental properties for residential or commercial use

Home based business need additional coverages.  A business related claim may not be paid by your basic homeowners

Condos           call for information 

Renters insurance:       Landlords are not responsible for a loss to a tenant's property. A basic tenant's policy costs starts at about $125.00 annually. The premium is based on the value of protected property and liability protection limits selected.

Flood  -  Earthquake  -  Wind     will create serious limitations or no coverage by a Homeowners policy.  

Boat   Marine   call for details