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Advanced Driver Training


Inexperienced driver completes a certified training course


Agency loyalty discount


Discount is earned for time/years you retain your policy


Anti-lock brake disc (ABS)


Is given if your vehicle is equipped with anti-lock brakes


Anti-Theft car disc


Equipped qualifying anti-theft devices ex. Car alarm


Driver Training discount


Vehicle operator is inexperienced & takes an approved driver’s training course.




Etching window glass


See your local auto glass installer or anti-theft program


Good Student discount


H.S./College fulltime student, inexperienced, min. B ave

Good Pay discount      based on you pay history or full payment  

Hybrid vehicle disc.


Is included in the auto rating symbol


Low Annual Mileage disc.


Based on annual mileage


Motor Club discount.


Paid members of approved motor club.






Multi  car discount


2+ Cars on 1 policy or separate policies with 1 company

New car Repair/Replacement       If you purchase your car new, less than $50,000, and you have a loss within the first 2 yrs or 15,000 miles, whichever comes first, you may be eligible for replacement cost. 



Passive restraint discount


Cars with qualifying restraints  ex. airbags


Senior citizen discount


Drivers over 65 years old


Student away at school disc


Full time student child of policyholder. Ask us!!  


Safe Driver discount/credit


Drivers without violations or losses











Accident forgiveness coverage


Save hundreds of dollars in at-fault surcharges.  Ask us!!


Actual replacement cost cov


Replaces a new vehicle in the event of a total loss. Ask us!!


Companion multi policy cov


Disc  if both auto & home type policy are with same Co.


Deductible dollars coverage


No cost reward to customers that can be applied to their future collision/limited collision deductibles. Ask us!!






Motor Club Endorsement cov


Benefits and enhancements for auto club members.


Multi policy (Companion) cov


Disc. if both auto & home type policy are with same Co.


OEM manufacturer parts cov


Replace of certain OEM parts in a covered loss. Ask us!!



Mass auto policy


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Massachusetts enhanced coverages


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* Discounts apply to specific types of coverage. Ask us about details and applicable insurance policy cost.

In addition, included at no extra charge:
  • New Car Repair/Replacement - If you purchase your vehicle new and you have a loss within the first year of purchase, you will have replacement cost rather than actual cash value (other than fire, theft or vandalism).
  • Good Pay/Loyalty - On renewal, if you made prompt payments a discount up to 5% will be given.

Note: All descriptions of coverages/discounts/credits are subject to the actual provisions of the insurance policy and the Laws of the State of Massachusetts.  An insurance carrier may have different coverages and discounts when compared to another carrier. All information on this website is subject to change without notice and is informational only. Call us for current auto policy details.
Eligibilty for financing is subject to the Insurance and Finance companies guidelines, criteria and the Commonwealth of Massachusetts .